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Many people think that the rice cooker is only used for one purpose just like its name – to cook rice. But it is not true at all. This type of kitchen appliance can perform more than just one kind of dish. It provides you the best way to cook rice perfectly, but it doesn’t mean that the rice cooker can’t be used to cook a large amount of other materials. The best rice cooker in the world is the one which can be used for many purposes and still maintain the best quality. In this post I will show you some of the simple dishes that can be cooked by this product so you can consider investing money in one and use this product more often.

Rice Cooker

Basically, the rice cooker share the same way of working with the slow cooker (it is another types of compact, convenient type of kitchen appliance that you can use when you don’t have much time preparing the meal). That means the rice cooker uses the moist heat inside the pot in a certain amount of time so as to cook the food. The flavors are kept inside the pot for the best smell and taste. In some modern products, manufacturers can add some functions to help customer adjust their time of cooking and warming. The “Slow cook” setting is one of them, which can turn your rice cooker into a slow cooker for some other cooking purposes. Continue reading


Knowing what is happening at home when you are absent, be alerted of intrusion or burglary at your home or even see if everything goes well in the bedroom of your child, are the benefits that the IP Camera provides you. It is not a simple webcam because as the name suggests, it has its own IP address, and works completely autonomously although sometimes the joint use of a computer can extend its functions.

The IP camera connects to your home network via an Ethernet port and increasingly via Wi-Fi, it is called wireless IP camera. You can access it both from your computer or your smartphone (Android or iPhone) from your workplace. In fact, there are wireless IP cameras, wired, motorized, night, infrared, etc. In summary, a security IP camera is independent, accessible all the time everywhere and notifies you when it happens something. In general, a wireless security camera system has following features that highly facilitate your secure at home. Keep reading to find out!