Many people think that the rice cooker is only used for one purpose just like its name – to cook rice. But it is not true at all. This type of kitchen appliance can perform more than just one kind of dish. It provides you the best way to cook rice perfectly, but it doesn’t mean that the rice cooker can’t be used to cook a large amount of other materials. The best rice cooker in the world is the one which can be used for many purposes and still maintain the best quality. In this post I will show you some of the simple dishes that can be cooked by this product so you can consider investing money in one and use this product more often.

Rice Cooker

Basically, the rice cooker share the same way of working with the slow cooker (it is another types of compact, convenient type of kitchen appliance that you can use when you don’t have much time preparing the meal). That means the rice cooker uses the moist heat inside the pot in a certain amount of time so as to cook the food. The flavors are kept inside the pot for the best smell and taste. In some modern products, manufacturers can add some functions to help customer adjust their time of cooking and warming. The “Slow cook” setting is one of them, which can turn your rice cooker into a slow cooker for some other cooking purposes.

Although a multi-functional rice cooker is pretty cool, its price is not a favorable option for people with small budget. Don’t underestimate your traditional rice cooker just yet. I know that with just 2 main settings – COOK and WARM, apparently you can’t manage to do any other things a part from cooking rice. But it’s not impossible if you can read this article. With the help of kitchen appliance expert users, you can do more magic with just a regular rice cooker.

What do we have for breakfast?


I know that there are many tools in the kitchen can help you prepare the breakfast in just less than 20 minutes, and rice cooker is not the first option, but it’s worth giving this kitchen appliance a try to make your breakfast more colorful and tastier.

  1. Boiled eggs: A simple and healthy breakfast can’t be completed without a couple of boiled egg. Of course there are hundreds of ways to make the egg perfectly boiled, but in this post I will introduce the way using the rice cooker. In fact, using other types of kitchen appliances such as pressure cooker or boil egg in traditional way with water and pot is fine, you should try the rice cooker for some advantages such as boiling a large number of eggs and very easy to remove the shell. I have to say that the rice cooker can’t save any amount of time for you in comparison with other methods, but you can leave it and do other stuff, pretty handy. Furthermore, the quality of the eggs are outstanding because they are cooked by steaming, not boiling actually. The eggs will be cooked according to your timing set for the rice cooker. You can look for the steaming time for perfect boiled eggs.
  1. Frittatas: If the boiled eggs can’t complete you happy meal, maybe a frittata can? Firstly you should prepare some vegetables for the frittata then do the whisked egg and pour into the pot with the vegetable. The egg mixture should be adhering and sticky so that the dish can be at the best quality. Cook the mixture in the normal settings; make sure that the amount of ingredient is enough for at least 2 people. That’s how you prepare quick breakfast or even dinner. You should consider the rice cookers size so that you can estimate the amount of frittata easily.

Some other ingredients will be shown in the next article, so keep in touch and follow out website for the latest new and more tips and tricks in using the kitchen appliances. In fact, we have some modern models of rice cooker that you might concern including the newest model of modern multi – functional rice cooker that you might concern. Feel free to visit us!


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