I had never had the idea of buying a security camera system for my house. I did not believe it is necessary. And in fact, I did not think they cannot stop criminals like thefts or intruders. So why on earth someone buys it?

Why I have a security camera system installed in my house


It was not until one day when someone broke into one of my neighbor’s house and took some valuable assets. The police said that the burglary was planned carefully. The burglar had been spying the victim for a long time before they committed the crime. The police advised us to install surveillance cameras to keep an eye on suspicious person around the neighborhood.

The idea of some thefts would break into my house and take away something, or even worse, hurt my family, scared me. So I contacted some providers for a security camera system. There are so many options to choose based on your intention. I had my system installed the day after I made my decision. Then I had a training session with tech staff on how the system operates, how to use and monitor it. It was simpler than I thought.

Having the security camera system for home installed, I felt the sense of security. For me, the amount of money I paid for a system to bring my family the safe feeling is not expensive. When there is the burglary in your neighborhood, you will immediately get a beam of worry about your home safety. Anything that can make you sense safety is priceless and worth spending.

From my perspective, knowing that you are watched makes you less likely to do bad things. Thus I think, the security camera system somehow deters criminals. The slightest sight of the cameras’ lenses may bring them the fear of being red-handed and delete the evil intention inside their minds.

I spend a little time every day to check if there is someone watching my house. Because organized criminals usually spy on their targets before committing the crime. So early notice of a suspect is really necessary to prevent the crime.

In the worst circumstance, when your house gets burgled, the recorded videos from the security camera system will be the evidence for the investigation. If lucky, videos from the system can even catch the face or some unique features of the thefts. More important, you can see through which weak spot that the burglars break into your house so you can enhance your home security level.

For me, installing a security camera system for home is not just about prevent crime or surveillance but it is a way to reassure and comfort my family and myself. When there is one more wall between you and the criminals, you feel safer. I now change my thoughts of security camera systems: spend money on reducing the worrying time and increasing the time to enjoy life and happiness with my beloved one is a profitable investment. And till now, I do not regret making this investment.



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