We are having fun with our security camera system


We equipped our home with a security camera system for years. We feel safe having another protection method around us. A security camera system for the home may cost a bit at the beginning; however, it is useful for a long time. So it is worth the price we paid for it.

The system actually helps our home escape burglary once. That time, when my husband watched the recorded videos from outside cameras, he saw someone spying on our house for days. So he called the police and alert them about the suspicious person. The video quality was so good that the police was able to take the picture of the suspect and get him identified based on the criminal database.

But that is not everything. The part my family enjoys the most is to have fun with recorded tapes. Every week, we would spend a few hours watching the videos find funny moment. This all started when one day my daughter noticed the scene of our cat chasing a butterfly. It was hilarious since the cat did so many stupid things in order to catch the butterfly. We cut that scene and shared with friends. Everyone had an entertaining moment. So we continue to find those moments for entertainment.

Somehow, this becomes our traditional activity. We watch the videos recorded by the security camera system, find the interesting or funny scene and share among the family or close people. Sometimes, it is our cat doing funny or cute stuff. Sometimes, it is one family member or our guests that make us laugh. Sometimes, it is a stray dog or cat, or a bird, or someone in the sidewalk that has an unexpected behavior. We have fun doing this. It is like a race among our family on ‘Who find the funniest scene?’ and ‘Who find the most scenes?’. We have not been tired of this kind of entertainment.

We also find the security camera system useful for finding lost stuff. Based on details on the last sight of things like keys or remotes, we watch the videos at that moment, in that room to see where it ends up. My children love this. They said it made them the feeling of being a detective. I may say for many times, this method helps us find our keys, remotes, shoes, etc. since we have a naughty cat.

When we decided to install the system for our house, I never thought it would be fun and entertaining. In my mind, a security camera system for home’s sole function is to protect our home. And I think many people think so, too. But when we discover how much fun we could have with the system, we know we made the right decision. God knows how blessed we are when the camera system helps us catch a theft. And we are blessed much more than that to find a way to enjoy the camera in another way, an unexpected way.


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