When I bought my house, the first thing I thought of is to have a security camera system installed to protect my family safety and other assets. Eventually, safety is one vital portion of happiness.

I did some researches on which is the best security camera for you but there are so many options and I did not have so much time. Hence, I hired a security firm to design a security camera system for me. I have a quite a large house so I want cameras at the gate, around the front yard and back yard, at the front door, back door and windows, and inside the house. The system contains both visible and hidden cameras. All of them are the latest technology and highest quality.

How did I choose the best security camera

Outdoor cameras are all-weather resistant. They can survive rain, sun, humidity, or snow. At the gate, I have a system that allows people inside the house to see who is at the gate and talk to them before let anyone in. Indoor cameras are small and stylish to match with decoration we have. I also have some hidden cameras in my office.

All cameras are the latest models with the latest technology and equipped with many additional features. They all have night vision that allows them to have a clear vision at night. They can give the high quality image in every light condition, either when it is the bright light or dim light. Their lenses can zoom in and out and still remain high-quality images.

I want my cameras to be able to record sound so they go with audio recording feature as well. Besides, those cameras can sensor heat and motion. When sensing heat or motion they will follow the source of the heat or motion. There are even settings that let the system to send alert to my phone when sending particular types heat or motion. This is especially useful when I am away from home and still want to monitor the house. My outdoor cameras are able to accurately capture people at more than 100 feet away, in near HD or HD quality. The cost is high, but the high-end cameras prove that they worth it.

I have alongside with the security camera system a fire alarm, crying alert and theft alarm systems that help us handle almost all possible issue and threat. The system also allows me to monitor my house through the Internet. I can even turn on or off or change settings on my phones or tablets. Since each year, we are on vacation or business trip a lot, this feature is really wonderful.

The security firm did a good job to have the suitable camera for each spot. And they meet my expectation on high-end cameras for my house. And the design does not affect the house decoration generally. The firm also gives me advise on recorded video storage. I am using a PC-based DVRs to record videos from cameras. Until now, I am satisfied with my security camera system. I think this is the best security system for my house.

I think it is necessary to have the latest technology and models for a security camera system for the best protection. The high-end system is expensive, but it deserves every penny you spend on it. Safety never comes cheap. And it is best to have professional do it for you since they have profound knowledge in the area.



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