In these modern times, the security cameras are being favored because the system helps us to insure the security for our houses. The gate, the garden and all corners in our house will be protected effectively. Therefore, these days, people often seek the best security camera reviews with a view to getting more tips. We all know the security system with good cameras brings a lot of benefits which eases our life. In this article, I will give you more analysis of all the devices for a security system.


  1. The introduction

When people have special concern about an effective security camera system, I am certain that they will search for everything they are still confused and they will give more questions for what they do not understand. This is a good way to get to know about security cameras.

  • All the devices

In terms of a system for security, there will have a device for observing and recording – the camera, a device to receive the camera signals and send them to the output – the video recorder – the intermediate device and the output devices – the computer/ laptop, the smartphones and the displaying screen. Moreover, we will have to understand the way these devices work and connect each other so that you can control and adjust whenever necessary.

  • Working

You may know that a security system has quite simple working network. There are only three types of devices. It is very easy to understand the connection and the transmission.

In particular, after the videos are recorded, all the data will be processed within just some seconds. Then, the data will be transferred into numeric signal which will be sent to the video recorder. The video recorder will take responsibility for sending these signals to the output – the receivers. This process only takes place in some seconds. Finally, we will have videos to watch.

  • The process

A good system will process all the data very quickly and it still keeps the high resolution for the videos. However, if you install a security system of low quality, the process can be still quick but the videos will have low resolution and we cannot see the images clearly, especially when there is any motion.

  1. Cameras and the probable positions

We may have to equip several cameras in our houses in order keep security for all the spaces. If we only use one camera, we can only observe a certain area and there will have a lot of space that is forgotten.

It is clear that we have to make a plan which is about the list of cameras required for you home so that you can find them more easily. In addition, when there are several types of cameras we have to choose, we will have confusion so it is better for us to focus on analyzing each position we locate the camera. Here are some positions that are suitable for mount cameras for the purpose of keeping security.

  • Camera mounted on the gate

The camera that is mounted on the gate should have a large range of observing so that it can cover a large space in front of the house and some spaces behind the gate.

With this camera, we will be able to check who comes to our houses. There is often a system of alerting or ringing bell to inform us of a person that visits us.

If someone has strange actions which tend to have bad impact on our houses and for our families, we will get the videos recorded and handle in the police.

It is also easy to have in time solution when some people try to climb over the gate without our permission.

  • Camera mounted on the door

You know that people often mount the main camera on the door which seems to be the most suitable position to cover as more space as possible. With this second camera, we can get the videos recording the strange people who have suspicious actions.

It is also easy to observe every small corner in the living room if the door is there. However, the camera on the door is often seen by visitors and our guests. So the thieves will never intrude into our house through this door. However, at night, after they can get into our house, they will come to the room to look for valuable assets. At that time, they will be careless and our camera will record all their actions. Of course, this is the worse circumstance. No one expects this case to happen.

  • Camera for each corner

In addition to the main space, the corners are the potential space for the thieves to come. For the corner, we had better choose the disguise camera so that no one watches out for it.

You know that when the camera is disguised, sometimes, we cannot recognize them even if we are the users. As a result, it will be much more convenient to catch the thieves.

This kind of camera is often mounted in exposing places but it will not be recognized, except for the users. There will have no sign to let us know that it is a camera. Therefore, we can mount this camera in the corner that the thieves suspect.

Even they suspect, they will lose their attraction as they can only see the disguising cover, not the camera and they will not think that is a camera.

These are several possible positions to mount a camera. Of course, we cannot run a security system only with cameras. There will have some other devices as bellows.

  • The recorder
  • The modem/ wireless connection
  • The showing screen

To support, the electric power is indispensable. We will have to understand deeply about this system if our house is located in the areas that have a lot of social evils, particularly thefts. I hope that this information will be useful for you and your families. If you need some more knowledge, you can search for the best security camera reviews.


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