Nowadays, the number of people that search for cameras for security is rising rapidly but almost all of them do not understand the operation and the installation as well. This lack of knowledge leads to ineffective using and there have been a lot of complaints about the working of the system. However, for people who have a good command about the security camera systems for home they have felt satisfied with their devices. In the internet, you can find out more interesting information to accumulate every day. In this article I want to provide some more about cameras for security.


  1. Put cameras into categories

There are a number of types of cameras so it is essential to put all of them into right categories so that we can see the differences among these types. The information in this part may be useful for you.

  • Define the camera

It is very easy to understand what a security camera is. A security camera is the device used to record videos and send the signal to the users for the purpose of keeping security for the space observed.

One thing to know is that after you watch the videos recorded, you need to save and store them carefully. You may not need the videos at the moment but in the future, there is likelihood that you will need it for any accidental purpose.

For decades, the security camera is widely applied and promoted in almost all parts of the world. This camera is seen everywhere, on the road, in the hotel, in the market and so on. Thanks to its great ability to keep safety every kind of space, it is now also widely used in a lot of houses, especially in the urban areas.

  • Categorize the cameras

In general, there are three most popular ways to categorize the security cameras, by the technique of recording, by the transmitting mode and by the versatility of the device. In this part, I will give you details about camera categories.

Cameras using analog technique

A security camera that uses the analog technique is able to transfer the videos and images recorded into numeric data thanks to the CCD sensor. Numeric data is very easily processed. Therefore, this type of camera is very favored by many people.

Nonetheless, it may take more time in transmitting on the grounds the date must be transferred into analog signal so that it can be converted into numeric type. After that, we will be able to transmit the data to the output devices. It can take more time but the data transmission will be never interrupted.

In addition, there is one disadvantage when using an analog camera. It is not suitable for connecting the internet. In other words, we cannot use the web interface.

Camera having an IP address

On the contrary to the analog camera, an IP camera is required to connect the internet so that it will receive an IP address. Thanks to this, we could send and receive data through the internet. It is also very convenient for storing.

In addition, when you install a security system with IP cameras, the IP address will help you define the origin of the data you receive. Of course, you can only receive data sent by your cameras.

Having an IP address will help you keep secret. With this type of camera, you will never have to worry about the data stolen on the grounds that only you know the IP address and how to come into your address.

Thanks to the internet connection, you will be able to observe through your laptop with all the data sent directly from your camera to the laptop.

There are several types of cameras that are categorized by the versatility and the transmitting mode and you can search for more information about these security camera systems for home.

  1. Instructions for a security system installing

In terms of installing camera system, we have to understand all the devices and all the working principles of the system. Of course, there will have some person from the manufacturer to give you guides but sometimes, they will hack the address if we use an IP camera system. It will be risky. If we do not understand the system and inspect those persons, they may grab all the important positions in your houses.

Therefore, we have to learn about the camera installation. Here are some tips for you.

Firstly, we need to locate all the cameras so that we will have the most suitable positions for them. If you have a detailed analysis you will be able to cover all the spaces without using so many cameras, which helps you save a lot of money.

There will have several screens for you to observe. If all the members in your family want to observe the videos recorded, each screen should be placed in one room. When there is anything abnormal, all people can know and contact others to figure out the solutions in secret.

The video recorder is indispensable. It will receive all the signals from the cameras and then sent to the phones thanks to the wireless transmission or to the laptop/ computer thanks to the internet connection and through the screens through no other connection.

All these devices will connect each other and make a security system in your house. However, during installing, you may have many troubles since there may have something you do not really understand or you make some mistakes.

Before you set up the security system, remember to ask carefully about the right installation, all the notes as well as all the mistakes that are common to be made. This will help you avoid quite lot unexpected situations.

Furthermore, if you need help, there should have a person who helps you check the connection and test the quality of the videos. Do not let them check the IP address so as to keep secret.


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