Do you know how to use a security camera in an effective way? How often do you update new information about a security system? What do you think will be the most important factors in using security cameras? All these questions are around security camera system reviews which will help you to learn more about an intelligent system. In terms of equipping or using such devices, you are required to filter the information and advices so that you could have the most suitable one to apply. It is also extremely significant to take into account the least basic tips and tricks in using, notices in setting up and all the right guides to prevent all the bad outside impact. In this article, I will provide you with more information about the some notes in using the system.


1. What to notice

When it comes to understanding a security system of cameras, you should have a good command of all the main parameters which are presented as bellows.

  • The storage

There are many ways to store the data that is transmitted from the camera. All the data will be stored in the storage of the devices. However, nowadays, the technique Cloud computing is very favored by users in terms of storing images and videos. This is an effective way to keep the data for a long period of time and it is also a secret way.

In addition to this, these days, there are some wireless systems connecting to the YouTube to store all the videos. This way is also confidential. The storage is nearly unlimited. Therefore, you can store as many videos as you can.

  • The mode to record

There are several modes for you to choose related to recording. You can choose the number of images to be recorded once, 15 for example.

  • The IP address

When your camera system connects the internet, your system will have a secret IP address so that you can surf the internet and find out your videos on YouTube. Each system will have a separate IP address so you should not share the address with anyone.

  • The focal point

Each camera lens has a focal point which will point out where the lens will record and where will be focused. You can absolutely adjust the focal point to be of the most suitability.

  • The transmission and connection

The data transmission should be fast so that we can receive and watch the recorded videos as soon as possible. In case the thieves break into our houses, if the data is slowly transmitted, we will not be able to figure out the thieves and sometimes, when we receive the data, the thieves have just stolen all the valuable assets. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to the transmitting speed.

Apart from this, the connection among devices in the system is very important. All the devices should be connected logically.

These are some most basic parameters that you have to learn about. If we have a deep analysis and understanding about this, it will become far easier to operate and control over the system and we will get great results. At first, we may encounter a lot of troubles on the grounds that we are not still used to the system. However, when we can apprehend what the parameters mean, we will control the devices more easily.

2. The introduction of security camera types

When we have the intention to equip a security camera system, it is essential for us to classify all the types of cameras. There will have a lot of criteria for you to check and test and it will take time but don’t worry as you only have to focus on several types as bellows.

  • In – out cameras

These are cameras for indoor and outdoor. These two types are clearly different from each other. More specific, the cameras for indoor observing can give the best videos when they are located in the house, not in the balcony or in the gate of the house. If we put an indoor camera in wrong positions, it will fail to record videos of high resolution.

By contrast, an outdoor camera is always set up outside on the grounds that all of its features are only suitable with the outside conditions. To illustrate, the outdoor camera can only record effectively in a bright space with full of light while an indoor camera will give good videos when it records in the darker space. This is one of the clearest differences between these two types.

  • Infrared camera

The name for this type is IR cam. The camera lens will have the support from all the infrared light on the grounds when the lens cannot record in dark condition.

The IR lamps will only brighten the space when it is dark and when there has not enough light for recording. You should remember that an IR cam is suitable for recording at night. If you only need to record in the daylight then you do not need to buy such a camera.

However, these days, almost all people use this camera as all of them require observing all day and night.

3. Notes for using

All the information above is related to types of camera and some parameters that we need to know. In this part I will give you several notes that you had better remember for the better use of a security camera system.

  • Understand your devices, including parameters, all the number shown and the operation
  • Keep safety in all areas that have electric power
  • Prepare shield for all the cameras
  • Limit detecting the security devices to avoid abnormal situations
  • Always check the transmission to know if there is any interruption

These are some useful notes for you. Remember that with a security system, you will have more experience in using. In the next post, I will give you some more tips.


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